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By my work
Because all arts shown here are unique one piece and limited amount I don't use some credit card
billing system or similar. I think the manual way is still the best one.

To order some of my arts you can simply go to the contact page by clickin on : buy my work
I haven't yet made a normal webshop for my art, so this is the only solution right now.
Just write on my contact page what art you're interested in and other things you wanna ask me about,
and I will shortly after that get in contact with you and send you payment info and all other informations.

I'm using normal bank wire transfer. It is easy and very safe. You as a client
gets more private relation with the seller when the payment is done directly bank to bank, and it's more secure than Credit Cards

All arts wil be sent by FEDEX to an adress according to your wishes as a client/buyer.

In order to satisfy both you as a client and me as seller I always use the system of 50 % upfront of the
total payment sum, and the rest after you have received the art.

Together with the art you will get an certificate of origin.
All artwork will be sent PRO packing so there will be no damage or similar.

s I know from earlier experiences, FEDEX is a world known delivery express company, so I have 100 % trust
in their professional approach.