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Natasha Marinkovic was born on august 1, 1964 in Skopje, Macedonia.
She went to Primary school and College in Belgrade in former Yugoslavia.

In 1982 she received a school october award for literature.

In 1983 she became a student at University of philosophy, with sociology as main subject.
During her studies she also worked for fee as a writer.
From 1987 she was involved in selling other artists art in her
own art gallery and other places, as well as organizing art exibitions with other artists.

1992 she ended up with a second diploma as a journalist and worked a short time in
a news agency.
About her collage art work she says: - I 've been involved and developing my style in this technique as long as I can remember. Almost, ever since I was a child.

Sometimes it is hard to understand a good collage, people often says,it is easy and its all about cutting
and pasting it in place. Nothing could be more wrong. It is a precise and hard job to create a good
and quality collage.- Sometimes I feel it would be easier if I was a painter instead of this, she says.

She has a great technique and a unique style that people who is into art recognize at once.
Her unique way makes her one of the most talented collage artists in Europe.