On Sunday the 22:nd of october I had an collage exibition in my hometown Belgrade.
It was a smaller exibition but still very nice. Think we had like 200 people on the opening
night. I will soon put up some AVI movie about 15 minutes long about that exibition.
That is OK !!!!

We had 9 days to put togheter the whole exibition, during that time we had to
do graphic work on some invitations,a small catalogue,some CD covers,CD:s and much more..
So it was a lot of work, but it seems like people liked the collage art stuff I showed them.

Before I put the AVI online,take a look at some of the graphic work we made for that exibition.

Invitation card for serbian collage art exibition, front (click for large pic)
Catalogue front, it has the format of a CD cover when it is folded. (click for large pic)

Here you can look at some photos from that Exibition. Click here